WELCOME - Welcome to GENTIUSS/Deluxe Style. At GENTIUSS you will find exclusive brands from the world's leading designers of the highest quality. Convince yourself of the service on Gentiuss.eu - shop from home, which is more efficient and faster and saves you money, of course we advise online and help you choose your new deluxe style.

DELUXE STYLE - recognizing and implementing customer wishes of tomorrow is our task. With a keen sense for DELUXE STYLE and trends of tomorrow, we are on the fashion look in Paris, Milan, Vienna, London, Berlin. The products we sell are characterized by the best Quality and designs. It is true that we do not employ any sales staff. No one receives a sales commission for having sold our products to you. The quality and attractiveness of the products must be sufficient reasons for their sale.

BASIC INSPIRATION - love, love, love...We love GENTIUSS, we love Deluxe Style. Love, passion, reliability, enthusiasm and responsibility characterize our actions. They are the basis of our company - today and in the future.

OUR MOTO - "You are what you think. You radiate what you are. You attract what you radiate" (Buda).

THE GENTIUSS TEAM - Our greatest concern is to fulfill customer wishes in terms of fashion, styles and the trends of tomorrow. We do our best every day to achieve the shopping experience of our customers. If you have any questions, requests or problems, please send us an email to kontakt@gentiuss.at This way we can continuously improve the performance of our online shops.